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About Swayamvars
About Swayamvars Swayamvar is organized to get like minded Families/Individuals with a similar community backgroundtogether on a single platform. Families seeking match for their son/daughters are the target audience for this activity. At the venue each prospective candidate is asked to give an introduction about themselves. At the end of the introduction rounds the participants are asked to declare their selection from the all the introductions given. The families/ Individuals are required to take down the numbers of the candidates they wish to pursue ahead with mutual consent of both the parties.

Process of Swyamvar

  • The activity begins with a informal introduction of Centre & the Sponsor. Also a briefing is giving to the candidates about the process of the at the event.
  • Distribution of Profile booklets.
  • Profile booklet contain all the details of the candidates attending the Function. The candidates are then called on stage in the set numerical order.
  • Self Introduction by Participants.
  • Candidates introduce themselves individually & discuss the preferred partner expectation.
  • Break for Dinner/ Snacks.
  • A Break in given to allow parents & candidates to mingle . They can also appoarch candidates they are interested in.
  • Meetings of Individual Parties.
  • Families can meet prospective partners for their children directly. We also help them to approach to the prospects they like.

Benefits of Swayamvar
The basic idea to organize the Swayamwar is to help people find their life partner at ease. While arranging a marriage, the process of finding the perfect match takes a very long time, some times even years. Here you will have the opportunity to personally meet and interact with hundreds of eligible brides and grooms under one roof. You will also be have the contact details of the candidates you shortlist for future reference.